Are negative online reviews hurting your business?

It goes without saying that the reputation of your business is of the utmost importance. What others say about you online has a huge impact on your bottom line. 

Managing reputation is nothing new. What’s new is how the internet and social media have changed the way businesses are being defined and how fast their reputations spread. 

This 1-minute video explains why managing your online reviews is becoming more important than ever at a time when companies are being compared and ranked to cater to discerning customers.

We have your solution!

How would you like to stop negative reviews and turn your dissatisfied customers into raving fans? With Pinpoint Local’s Reputation Management software service, you can handle issues quickly before they damage your reputation.

Our software allows you to monitor and respond to online reviews on sources important to your business, manage your online listings, compare your business to competitors, get notified anytime your business is mentioned online, and track social media activity of your business and your employees.

Build trust and manage feedback in order to drive more traffic (and sales!) to your business.